New Sewage Treatment Technology
Promises Higher Performance
At Lower Cost!

Low Cost Sewage Treatment Plant Technology

Learn Everything About these Sewage Treatment Plants that offer you:

• Up to 25% lower plant cost
• Up to 50% lower operating costs
• Up to 50% lower maintenance costs
• Up to 90% less sludge production
• Up to 60% smaller footprint
• Can even be set up underground or on the roof
• Speedy plant construction (2 weeks for small plants)
• Insures high purity level of treated water, as below:
    BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand): < 5 mg/Liter
    COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand): < 60 mg/Liter or better
• Assumes typical input specifications of wastewater

If you need to build a sewage treatment plant:

you need to satisfy the requirements the local regulators, environment protection agencies, and the ultimate house owners.

Your municipality and the people will benefit most if your sewage treatment plant:

• produces recycled water that is good for tertiary use including agricultural and recreational purposes without undue wastage,
• does not cause any odor,
• produces negligible sludge (since it is difficult to dispose),
• occupies very little space, preferably none at all on the floor if possible,
• costs little to maintain,
• requires minimal maintenance crew,
• can be built with local labor, and with mostly local material & equipment,

• costs as little as possible.

This is not only one of the latest technologies, but also a proven one (with over 30 insltallations already working for over 7 years).

As a decision maker, you may not have the time or interest to learn this technology, and yet you should be able to take advantage of such an advanced technology.

I’m sure You'll be HAPPY that you came to this page where you’re able to learn all about this sewage treatment technology, absolutely free with my free eBook and newsletters on the subject!

Or even be the first to install such a plant in your locality.

Or, if you already have a Plant that is not performing well enough (or doesn't meet the environmental specifications), you could merely repair your Plant and retrofit the latest technology, revitalising your existing Plant and investment.

If you're interested, I'll tell you everything you need to know about Sewage Treatment, including this latest technology. ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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